Payment Plans

Saveway Petroleum, Inc. offers convenient oil delivery and payment options that suit your budget and your lifestyle.

Automatic Credit Card Charge Service*

When you provide your secured credit card information, your card will be automatically charged for the fuel oil budget payments or for any burner service for your convenience. This is a free service that we hope adds convenience to your fuel payments!

Budget Payment Plan**

With Saveway’s Budget Payment Plan, your oil or propane payments are spread throughout an 11-month period. You’ll earn our low cash price each time oil is delivered and be spared a large single payment if your delivery is made when oil prices are high. If you wish, we can also include the cost of your Saveway Full Service Plan in your payment schedule.

10 Day Prompt Pay Discount

The Variable Price Delivery Plan provides automatic delivery with an invoice slip left in your door reflecting the current price of oil. When you pay in full within 10 days, benefit from the added value of deducting 10¢ per gallon from the total amount due!

Pre-buy Price Cap Programs

This plan is offered when available. Please contact our office for more information.

*With this service, your fuel oil deliveries will be charged the low cash rate.
**No fees or higher prices pertain