24-Hour Emergency Heating Service

A service plan for your oil heating system means never having to guess how you’ll handle or afford a heating emergency. Our crew of 14 service professionals is on-call for customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. You’ll rest easy knowing problems will be handled quickly and your well-maintained system will be more fuel efficient and less likely to require costly repairs.

Don’t Get Caught without a Plan!

It has happened to you or someone you know: you wake one morning to a cold house with NO heat and NO hot water. Without the security of a Saveway Petroleum, Inc. heating service plan or water heater coverage, you can face high expenses and the task of paying for them. Even if you find a service company that can schedule your repair or fuel delivery, you’ll be expected to pay a hefty price upfront; there’s nothing convenient about that. Our plans guarantee automatic fuel delivery, 24-hour service in an emergency, and routine system maintenance to help prevent the risk of system repair. We also offer air conditioning coverage for your system(s) to keep you cool and comfortable each summer.

Not yet a customer? Sign up today to save time, frustration, and money! It’s peace of mind that lasts all year long.